The Read Wizard App For Children!

Posted By: Admin in Production, Dewuan X. Davis


Children love to “READ”. Ever notice how children pretend to read as they fill in the words to stories of their favorite books or pretend to read to stuffed animals? Read Wizard enables your child to know what is actually written on the page. Along with reading the text aloud, the Read Wizard app spells out the words on screen. All by snapping a photo of the text on the page, words and stories magically become readable for young curious minds.

The Read Wizard™ app is currently available on the iTunes App Store and soon to be available on Google Play.  You can find books specifically designed, written, and illustrated for use with the Read Wizard™ app at


This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by dXdavis dot com through the READ WIZARD mobile application.

As a father of five children I highly respect the privacy of your children using our apps.

We do NOT collect personal information of your child.

The only thing we do collect are anonymous statistics of the usage of the app, to understand it better, its usability and to improve the app.
We are using a third party service called Flurry Analytics for that. They store this information securely. This is only anonymous statistic information provided to us and no one else, to see were the week points of our app are.
We do not know about any other information such as: name, address, email, phone-numbers or photos.

We do not have in-app purchases.

It is a one time purchase of the full app.

We do not integrate any social media in the app.

We do not have any third-party advertising within the app.

For any doubts or suggestions please contact us: